Forthcoming Events

National Conference of ARDBs 2019 on 21 st November 2019 in New Delhi


The Federation propose to organize National Conference of ARDBs 2019 on Thursday, 21 November 2019 at NCUI Auditorium, New Delhi. National Conference which comes once in 5 years is an important occasion to frame policies and programmes to enhance the role of ARDBs in the growth of agriculture and rural sectors. The main theme of the National Conference is "Deepening of Internal Reforms for Enhancing the Role of ARDBs in Agricultural and Rural Credit". The National Conference is also expected to be attended by dignitaries from Government of India, State Govts., ICA, NABARD, NCUI etc. In view of the importance of National Conference in revamping and strengthening ARDBs, the Chairmen, Board of Directors, Chief Executives and other Senior management officials of all the SCARDBs and the Chairmen and Secretaries of PCARDBs have been advised to attend.

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