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National Level

Federation is affiliated to the following organizations at the national level.

National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI)

Federation is a member of NCUI and associates actively with its programmes. Shri K. Sivadasan Nair, as Federation’s representative to NCUI is a member of its Governing Council and Vice President.

Cooperative Bank of India (COBI)

Federation is one of the founder members of COBI. Shri Dolar Kotecha, Chairman of the Federation was nominated to the General Meeting of COBI and is also an elected member on the Board of COBI.

National Film and Fine Arts Cooperatives Ltd. (NAFFAC)

Shri Dolar Kotecha, Chairman represents the Federation in the General Body and Board of NAFFAC.

National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC)

Shri K.K. Ravindran, MD, Federation nominated as a Member of General Council of NCDC by Govt of India under Section 3(4)(XVII) of NCDC Act 1962.

Federation is also holding associate membership with the following organizations.

  1. Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC)
  2. Indian Banks Association (IBA)
  3. Indian Society for Studies in Cooperation
  4. Indian Tourism Cooperative Ltd. (ITC)

Centre for International Cooperation and Training in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB)

Managing Director, Federation is a member of General Council of CICTAB.

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